We are over the moon to be able to announce that our spring recital will be held at Caldwell High School once again!!!  Recital will be Saturday, June 5th, and with COVID & audience restrictions we will be holding 6 smaller shows.  Doing this many shows (with lots of planning) allows us to offer each dancer’s family up to 5 tickets for each show they are in.  We are still working out all the details, but I did want to get out the information I do have ready (and hope it will not have to be changed)
Listed below is the Show time and the classes in that show.  Please mark your calendars 🙂

12:00 Show
This Is Me Company
Adv Hip Hop
Monday Creative 3s
Wednesday Kinderdance
Adv Tap
Ballet 2
Jordan Pyle

1:00 Show
I Can’t Change Company
Tap 1 & 2
Int Jazz I
Tuesday Creative 4s
Jazz 2
Hip Hop 3
Aly Takashige

2:00 Show
Brighter Days Company
Nothing Else Matters Company
Hip Hop 2
Ballet 3
Thursday Creative 4s
Adv Jazz
Int Jazz II
Dana Sturm

3:00 Show
Go the Distance Company
Clap Your Hands Company
Far From Home Company
Jazz 4
Hip Hop 1
Ballet 5
Beginning Pointe
Jazmine Mack

4:00 Show
Follow the Sun Company
Throne Company
Jazz 3
Saturday Creative 4s
Tap 3 & 4
Ballet 6
Int/Adv Jazz
Ballet 4
Grace Tish

5:00 Show
Eyes on My Company
Ballet 1
Saturday Creative 3s
Saturday Kinderdance
Jazz 5
Int Tap
Jazz 1
Emma Thornton
Paige Nihart
Abby Faille

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