It is time to purchase tickets!
You will need a ticket per person, per show you attend.  At this point we are limited to only 5 tickets per dancer, per show.  Dancers performing will not need a ticket for the show they are dancing in.  If they are attending as an audience member, they will need a ticket from the allotted 5.
You may opt to pay in check or cash at the studio, or online via a PayPal invoice or square.  Once purchased, the tickets will be sent home with the dancer.
If you would like more than the 5 allotted, please email your request and any left over tickets will be sold 1 at a time by way of a “lottery”.
To attend the prices are as follows (per person):
1 show = $4
2 shows = $7
3 shows= $8
4 shows = $9
5 shows = $10
6 shows = $12
Please order your tickets by email and include
1) Dancer’s name(s)
2) which show(s)
3) how many tickets for each show
4) How you would like to pay for your tickets (check, cash, online)
*seating is not reserved this year*
This has been quite a fun game Emoji, please continue to be patient while we figure this year out.  I am hopeful this will be a one time deal and next year we can return to our normal recital set-up!
After watching dancers practice their dances after pictures this week, I am SUPER EXCITED to see them on stage with lights!!!!  And they are excited to have you all watch!!!
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