Greetings Dancers and Parents!

The show must go on!!! Since it is highly unlikely we will move out of stage 2 by our winter show Saturday, January 16th we are going to move ahead with our plan for an all-virtual event… What does this mean??? This means that only dancers (3 groups at a time); instructors, the videographer, and a few helpers will be the only ones allowed in the facility.

Speaking of facility…we have opted to go with the least expensive route to keep your “virtual ticket/link” cost at a minimum (only $10). We are so grateful that Flahiff (624 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell) will be volunteering their space and time for us that day. I understand this might be hard on some dancers; and I, along with the other teachers, completely understand and respect if your dancer opts not to attend our winter show this year. For those attending, I am most excited to see what transpires in this continually challenging time!!!!

For those ready to attend and perform…here is the nitty-gritty…Dancers will need to arrive at the time listed below and enter through the side door facing 7th Street where you will meet a volunteer to check your dancer in. From there the dancer will go into a staging area before they proceed to be an audience and then performing their dance in front of the cameras. After they are done performing, they will exit through the front doors facing Cleveland Blvd and we are hoping that we can keep a smooth flow going…

Dancers will need to arrive in their winter show shirt, black bottoms, such as leggings, joggers, spandex shorts, ballet skirt, tutu (please have dancers wear tights & leotards with shorts and skirts). Dancers need to arrive with their hair in a bun and stage make-up on. There will be no time or space for hair and make-up. Your dancer will also need their appropriate dance shoes, either on or in their hands All dancers will need to mask up unless they are dancing.

Listed below is the arrival time for each group—Please arrive on time!!!!

1:00 Monday Creative 3s
1:05 Saturday Creative 3s
1:10 Tuesday Creative 4s
1:15 Thursday Creative 4s
1:20 Saturday Creative 4s
1:25 Wed Kinderdance
1:30 Sat Kinderdance
1:35 Ballet 1
1:40 Jazz 1
1:45 Tap 1 & 2
1:50 Jazz 2
1:55 Hip Hop 1
2:00 Ballet 2
2:05 Ballet 3
2:10 Ballet 4
2:15 Jazz 3
2:20 Jazz 4
2:25 Tap 3 & 4
2:30 Hip Hop 2
2:35 Ballet 5
2:40 Ballet 6
2:45 Jazz 5
2:50 Int Jazz I
2:55 Prepointe
3:00 Int Jazz II
3:05 Hip Hop 3
3:10 Beginning Pointe
3:15 Pointe (company dancers will wear their company costumes)
3:20 Int/Adv Jazz
3:25 Adv Jazz
3:30 Int Tap
3:35 Adv Tap
3:40 Adv Hip Hop
3:50 Nothing Else Matters Company
3:55 Clap Your Hands Company
4:00 Brighter Days Company
4:05 I Can’t Change Company
4:10 Eyes on Me Company
4:15 Go the Distance Company
4:20 Follow the Sun Company
4:25 This Is Me Company
4:30 Far From Home Company
4:35 Throne Company

It will take a week to edit the taping, and then links will be sent out to those who have purchased them **more Info to be sent out next week**

I want to take a moment to thank all the parents that helped our efforts to find a location. I also want to express gratitude to all our dancers and parents in this crazy time. We can get through this! I look forward to a more normal time with you all!!!

Most graciously,

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