Dear Parents and Dancers:
In this packet includes a lot of information about our upcoming performance!
It is important that dancers try their hardest to be at all their remaining classes.

Our winter show, “Dancing All the Way” will be Saturday, December 14 at the Caldwell High School Auditorium. We will have 2 shows. Matinee will begin at 2:00 and Evening will begin at 5:00. Show Assignments are listed in the order they will rehearse on the Dress Rehearsal page of this packet.

We will be sending home costumes the week of the show. Please keep your costume(s) safe!!!! All costumes need to be returned to the studio the week after winter show. There are specific colored tights and shoes required to wear with these.
All Creative 3s, 4s, Saturday Kinderdance and all other ballet classes will need to wear pink ballet tights and pink ballet shoes
Beg. Pointe: pink tights and pointe shoes
Pointe: Black tights (rolled up or footless) and pointe shoes
Wednesday Kinderdance will need pink tights and black tap shoes
Jazz 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 will need to wear tan tights, and black jazz shoes
Int Jazz, Int/Adv Jazz & Adv Jazz will need to wear tan tights and tan jazz shoes
Tap 1 & 2, Tap 3 & 4, Int Tap & Adv Tap will need to wear tan tights and black tap shoes
Hip Hop 2, Hip Hop 3 & Adv Hip Hop will need to wear black hip hop/athletic shoes

Misc items needed:
Jazz 2 & Hip Hop 1 will need to wear a white t-shirt or tank top (can have some print on it)
Jazz 4, Hip Hop 2 & Adv Hip Hop will need to wear their own black leggings (if you do not have any, please ask McKenna if there are any extras available)
Adv Hip Hop needs to wear their own flannel tied around their waist.

**I will be placing a last order for tights and shoes November 27th.

We will have classes the week after winter show (Dec 16-21). Everyone will need to return their winter show costumes then.

We are looking for volunteers to sell tickets during classes in the lobby; backstage Moms and people to take tickets at the door. Let me know if you are interested in volunteering

We appreciate all the extra help we can get!

Always ask if you have any questions! We are here to help, and we want this to be a fun and fantastic experience for all!

Warm Regards,
Andrea Worwood & Staff



Dress Rehearsal!

Dress Rehearsal is also Saturday, December 14 at Caldwell High School Auditorium. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early and wait inside the auditorium in the rows indicated by the signs. In some instances we may run ahead. If you are not there on time you may miss your chance to practice on stage. We also run the risk of running late and we appreciate your patience. Dances need to wear their costumes to rehearsal.

The following classes will begin their dress rehearsal at 8:30 am (in this order) and perform in both shows Arrive at 8:15
Adv Tap Adv Hip Hop Int/Adv Jazz Adv Jazz Beg Pointe Pointe

The following classes will begin their dress rehearsal at 9:00 am (in this order, going across) Arrive at 8:50 Performing in the 2:00 Show
Tuesday Creative 3s Monday Creative 3s Thursday Creative 4s Saturday Kinderdance
Performing in the 5:00 Show
Saturday Creative 3s Saturday Creative 4s Tuesday Creative 4s Wednesday Kinderdance

The following classes will begin their dress rehearsal at 9:45 am (in this order, going across) & will perform in the 2:00 Show Arrive at 9:30 (we may begin early)
Check It Out It Will Be Me New Shoes Stand By Me Kill All the Lights

The following classes will begin their dress rehearsal at 10:15 am (in this order, going across) & will perform in the 2:00 Show Arrive at 10:00
Int Tap (I Wish) Jazz 1 (Live Life) Jazz 2 (Santa Claus is Coming to Town) Jazz 5 (who We Are)
Pre-pointe (I’ll Be Home) Tap 1 & 2 (Signed, Sealed & Delivered) Ballet 6 (Silent Night)
Hip Hop 1 (Sleigh Ride) Ballet 2 (What Child Is This/Greensleeves) Ballet 1 (My Favorite Things)

The following classes will begin their dress rehearsal at 11:15 am (in this order, going across) & will perform in the 5:00 Show. Arrive at 11:00
Old School Paris Reflections Just Watch Me Now Collide Burn It Up Amelie

The following classes will begin their dress rehearsal at 11:45 am (in this order, going across) & will perform in the 5:00 Show. Arrive at 11:30
Ballet 5 (Christmas Time Is Here) Hip Hop 3 (Drum Machine) Tap 3 & 4 (Superstitious)
Hip Hop 2 (Respect) Int Jazz (Fireflies) Ballet 3 (A Whole New World) Jazz 4 (Boys & Girls)
Jazz 3 (Rocking Around the Christmas Tree) Ballet 4 (Cinderella Waltz)

General Recital Information

Ticket Info: Tickets will go on sale beginning November 20 in the lobby of the studio. Tickets are $7 for ages 12 and up, $5 for ages 11 & under, and lap sitters are free. If you have a dancer that would like to attend the show they are not performing in, those tickets are $2 each. Seating for the shows are reserved, which means when you purchase your ticket(s) you will also select your seat(s). If you intend to take advantage of receiving a complementary ticket for the opposite show in which you have purchased for, that must be done at time of original purchase. No exceptions.

We will begin selling tickets for recital on Wednesday, November 20 from 9;00 am to 12:00 pm in the lobby of the studio. After that, we will sell tickets during our office hours or whenever we have a volunteer available.

Costume Info: Your dancers need to wear their costume for dress rehearsal and recital. Please keep your costume(s) safe! Do not play or eat in your costume. Do not wash or iron your costume. To fluff tutus you may hang your costume upside down in the bathroom while you shower (the warm steam will help reduce wrinkles). Do not hang in the shower or where it could get wet.

Backstage Moms are prepared to assist with costume changes. We suggest that you organize and label costumes and shoes.

Recital Pointers!

Recitals begin at 2:00 and 5:00. Doors open at 1:30 and 4:30. Younger dancers need to be in their dressing rooms (located off the side hallway in the band or orchestra room) at 1:45 but no earlier than 1:30 and 4:45 but no earlier than 4:30 respectfully. Dancers performing in both shows need to arrive at 1:30 and 4:30 and warm up quietly onstage. Do come prepared to dance! Have your costume, tights and shoes on. Hair needs to be pulled into a slick bun (no bangs or flyaways) and stage make-up needs to be applied. Make-up should consist of eye shadow in neutral tones; black or brown; mascara for eyes; and rosy colored cheeks and lips. Parents of young dancers, please use your judgement for your little ones. If you think they will just rub away at their eyes, do not worry about eyeline or mascara. Dancers are not to wear any colored nail polish; jewelry; nor underwear under their tights. Nothing except water is allowed backstage or in the dressing rooms.

Do have something for your dancer to do while they wait backstage to perform (label all the items). Please do not plan on popping in and out of the dressing rooms. It is very hard on the dancers, especially the younger ones, if you leave and they can’t come with you. Dancers are expected to wait backstage so they may participate in the finale. We have some very reliable and awesome Backstage Moms; your child is safe with them. If you want to be in the room with them for the entire show, please feel free to do so. The dressing rooms are located off the hallway to the side of the auditorium.
It is going to be a long day, so please feed your child and make sure they get plenty of rest prior to the show.


Be a kind and respectful audience! Cheer for every dance and don’t disrupt others by talking. Enter and exit only between dances. No flash photography (it is very disrupting to the performers) and silence your devices. Do not use the side door to the auditorium, unless needed for wheelchair accessibility.
Once the show is done you may come up to the stage to gather your dancer(s)! This is a great time to get pictures of them on stage, give them their flowers, etc. We will sell small flower bouquets in the lobby prior to the show.
All dancers will participate in the finale. After the finale, come up to the stage to where your child will be sitting and waiting for you.

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